If you haven't already set up a shop with Email checkout, let's start there!

So, your shop is set up, orders are rolling in - emails are sent out! But without any changes this is the mail your customers receive appear:

Make sure you appear as the sender

SPF record and iPaper

Instead of the sender being iPaper, it could be your own email! This requires an SPF record to be running on your domain. And the record should include iPaper. 

Forward the link below to the person, who manages your DNS service.


Adding your custom email

Start by navigating to Integrations. This can be found in the top right corner of your account:

From here, we will click to Create an Integration and select Custom Email:

This will prompt the next window for you to add the email you want to use:

Fill in the name and email you wish to use for your orders. Once you choose to connect this an email will be sent to the email to verify. 

The email needs to have an active inbox to receive the verification email!

Adding your custom email to your shop configuration!

Alright, your email is connected, and you accepted the verification. Time to finalize the setup.

Head on over to shop configurations, and find your configuration(s) that use E-mail checkout:

Go to the advanced shop settings, by clicking the cogwheel:

And from here, you can chose your Custom Email(s)!

And that's it! Customers will now receive their orders by email with the Sender name and Email you selected.

Want to make sure the email itself is looking it best? Consider looking into customizing the email templates here:

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