Want your customers to checkout with email to send a quote? Or to send the order to a re-seller? In any case, you can easily add the option to checkout with Email.

If you haven't already read Setting up Shop, go through that first:

Adding the Email Checkout option

So now that you've setup the basics of your Shop Configuration, it's time to add Email Checkout, simply click Create:

From here we can begin to configure how your Email Checkout should work. When setting up a new Shop Config, Email is even default and setup for you:


Besides the basket contents send with the email, you can add fields, you want the customer to fill before checking out. This could be anything from a customer ID, to the email of a re-seller, that should also receive the order. 

Any fields you might add can be set as required and validate on number, URL or Email:

You can also, when adding an email field, set the entered email to receive either the Order or Receipt email:

The idea behind an Email field is usually if you want the email of the person ordering the products. But it could just as easily be, that you want the Order to be sent to a re-seller also, or send the receipt to any email the customer wants.

You're almost there! Now for the last few fields to enter before you're ready to start taking orders!

Order- and Confirmation email

  1. This is the email you want to receive the order

  2. The subject field of that email

  3. See help article below

  4. The subject field in the Receipt email, we send the your customer

  5. See help article below

Email templates

You are able to edit the emails sent to your liking. This is an HTML template, which can require some technical insight. If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to us! 

And that's it! Simply save your new checkout option, add it to a Flipbook and start taking orders!

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