Using the Shop Integration checkout options, your customers can checkout via your own landing page, web-shop or basically any way you want them to!

If you haven't already Set up Shop, go through that first:

Adding a Shop Integration checkout

So now that you've setup the basics of your Shop Configuration, it's time to add WhatsApp Checkout, simply click Create new Shop configuration:

From here, we'll select the WhatsApp checkout option and see the options:

  1. Name of the checkout option, this has no effect on the Shop, it's simply for you to keep track of your different configurations.

  2. If you want the checkout message to have a country code attached, you can have it added here. If you want the user to add it themselves, you can simply leave it blank.

  3. Just as the country code, if you want a Phone number automatically added, you can add it to this field. And to let the user add it themselves, leave it blank

  4. The message has a default template set. If you want, you can edit that template, see the guide below. 

  5.  This is simply what the label says in the iPaper basket to check out. 

Editing the template can be a daunting task. So if you need any help, reach out to us!

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