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Checkout option: Viber

With the Viber Shop Configuration, we're expanding the ways your customers can check out!

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This article refers to the Viber messaging app. iPaper supports a checkout option to Viber but cannot offer support on setting up your Viber for Business account.

Using the Shop Configuration checkout options, you can make different checkout options. With Viber checkout, visitors can add products to the Flipbook’s basket, and export the contents to a Viber conversation with the recipient of their choice.

🔰 Before you get started, this article assumes that you've already set up the Shop Configuration for your Flipbooks. If you haven't already, take a moment to read our guide, which will show you how:

📖 This article explains:

Adding the Viber Shop Configuration

So, now that you've set up the basics of your Shop Configuration, it's time to add Viber Checkout.

  1. Click on the Flipbook for which you want to add the Viber Checkout. Then, click on Settings.

  2. Select the Modules pane

  3. From the vertical menu on the left, select Shop Configuration. If you do not already have Shop Configuration activated, you'll need to turn this feature on using the toggle.

  4. Click on Select Shop Configuration, and then click Create, to create a new Shop Configuration.

  5. From here, select the Viber checkout option, and you'll be presented with a number of options:

Name of the checkout option: This has no effect on the Shop, but it'll help you to keep track of your different configurations.

Recipient country code and phone number: If you would like your customers to send their cart contents to a predefined number in Viber, enter the country code and number in the relevant fields here.

Recipient message: Here you can add a simple text template of what the recipient message will say when it is sent to a recipient's Viber. By default, the Basket URL which is required, but you can also select/deselect Order ID to be included.

⚠️ This message has a character limit of a maximum of 200 characters, so remember to keep any additional messaging as concise as possible.

Checkout button label: This is what will show on the checkout button in the iPaper basket. If you leave the field empty, the system standard checkout label will be used.

💡 Always remember to Save your work!

How it works

As your customers browse your Flipbooks, they'll be able to add items in the catalog to their basket using the Shop Enrichments you've created.

In the bottom right-hand corner, your customers will be able to send their basket via a Viber message to, for example, to a friend, colleague or local representative.

Once your customers click to check out their basket via Viber, they'll be presented with a QR code, which they scan using their Viber app, and then select the number to which they wish to send their basket.

The recipient will receive a list of your customers' orders, allowing them to complete their purchase.

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