Making sure it's easy for your visitors to shop from your catalog is pivotal! So make sure it's set up exactly right and start adding it to your Flipbooks.

Shop Configuration

Setting up the configuration is done from the module, so you can easily apply it on Account- Folder- or Flipbook-level after.

To start configuring the Shop, simply navigate to the settings from Modules:

From here, you can add new configurations or edit existing ones:

You also have to option to copy an existing configuration: 

Why would you want to do that, you ask? Well, imagine a use case of having two markets on the same account, they both have the same checkout function, only the currency and language is different. Instead of creating a new one, simply copy the existing one and edit the copy.

Creating a configuration

Let's go ahead and create a new configuration. To start, simply click Create.

  1. Name your configuration, this has no effect on the Shop, it's simply for you to keep track of your different configurations. Suggested naming could be what Market it's for and/or what Checkout option it is.

  2. Decides the naming of the basket inside your Flipbook:

3. Currency in this case is simply the symbol or text next next to the amount in the basket.
4. This is where you decide which checkout option(s) you want to use for your configuration. 

Primary checkout options:

These are covered in separate help articles: 

Secondary checkout options.

To add secondary checkout options, simply click the cogwheel under Checkout options:

From here you can add:


The print checkout option simply adds a button to print the contents of the cart.

Email sharing

This enable the option to share the contents of your cart via email. Unlike Email checkout which sends an order to a fixed email.

Allow adding custom items

This allows your visitors to add custom items to the shopping cart. Where they can fill out the fields such as the items name, quantity etc.

Enabling the Shop

So, you've created your first Shop configuration, time to get it on your Flipbook! The general idea behind the Shop Module is one configuration to rule them all! In other words, not to create one for every Flipbook.

Consider adding the configuration on folder level to make use of inherited settings. Read up on that here:

Now that you know everything about Inherited Settings, let's go ahead and add a configuration to a folder:

Simply go to the settings of a Folder, then under Modules go to Shop configuration to enable it and choose which configuration. This will in turn enable this configuration on the Flipbooks in the folder, and the shop is ready to go!

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