Cross-domain visitor tracking in iPaper

If you’re tracking to an existing GA4 property, and you would like to be able to follow your visitors from flipbook to website, or the other way around. There are a few extra steps you need to take to enable this excellent feature.

Important note:

If you're using a branded domain, and you are serving your iPaper publications from a subdomain (Example:, you can skip this guide entirely.

This is because Google Analytics tracks sessions across subdomains out of the box if you're using their default tracking script.

Check-list for setting up cross domain tracking with GA4.

  1. All websites must be set up using the same GA4 property (G-XXXXXXX.)

  2. Cross domain tracking must be configured in GA4 Admin.

Note 1: There is no need to configure the referral exclusion list, this is handled automatically in GA4.

Log in to your GA4 account:

Go to Admin:

In the "Property" section, select "Data Streams":

Select the bottom section: "More Tagging Settings":

From the "More Tagging Settings" page, select "Configure your domains":

From this "Configure your domains" page, add your domains ass seen here:

With this in place, you will see that visitors on your flipbooks will be tracked across the domains, and will be seen as the same visitor when they hit your domain.

You can confirm this by looking at the URL when linking between your catalog and your website. As soon as you set up an external link from the catalog, you should see the URL being decorated with a query string, similar to this one:


This is the Cookie information being passed from your catalog to your website. The very same thing should happen when you link from your website to the catalog.

We hope you found this helpful :)

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