Display: Blacklisting

Define a blacklist of URLs where Display should never appear.

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Blacklisting URLs

There might also be URLs you do not want your Display appearing on, for example a checkout page.

From the top, you can open the Blacklist, and add any URLs you want excluded:

Once you've sorted what URL you want your Displays on, you can set the publishing status as:

  1. Draft - only exists within iPaper for you to get ready for publishing

  2. Published - is live on your website

  3. Scheduled - will go live on a date and time of your choosing. *

Note that it can take a few minutes for a Display to appear on your website, after setting it to Published.

* Scheduling is a great tool for when you want to be ahead of time on your work! For example, a holiday sale or Black Friday coming up, get to work ahead of time, so you can simply set it to publish on the right time, so when it comes.

Read more about our product Display here:

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