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Will Display affect my website's performance?
Will Display affect my website's performance?

No. But you will still need to optimize your content for internet πŸš€

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The performance of your website is important!

Studies show that Internet browsers of today are more impatient than ever.

This obviously leads you to be concerned how adding yet another 3rd party tool/script will affect your website's performance.

Luckily, we are concerned about your website performance too πŸ™

Display has been designed to affect your website in as little a way as possible.

  1. The Display script is loaded asynchronously, meaning that it won't load till after your website is loaded.

  2. After the script has loaded, the Display CTA button will be shown on your website.
    But the actual display content will not be loaded yet.

  3. When a visitor clicks the Display CTA, the Display content will start to load.

  4. We only load what is visible in the Display (and a little bit more, to make scrolling smooth) and use intersection observers to load the rest of the content as the visitor scrolls. Also known as lazy-loading πŸ¦₯

What about the content I add to Display? Can this slow down the experience?

Yes, it can slow down the experience.
To create the best possible experience, you will need to optimize your images, GIF's and video for internet use πŸš€

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