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How can I download a detailed report for a Flipbook?
How can I download a detailed report for a Flipbook?

Make sure you have all the data you need!

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With the detailed report, you can get a full overview of your Flipbooks statistics. It's downloaded as an Excel file with all the data available in the Excel worksheet tabs (bottom of document). 

Simply navigate to the Flipbook you want the report for, left click it from the Flipbook overview and navigate to statistics.

  1. Select statistics

  2. Chose a date range for the report, you want to download

  3. Click 'Download Statistics as Excel'

  4. Celebrate a job well done with a cup of coffee!

Make sure you check the different tabs to see the statistics for links, shop, pages etc. (highlighted in yellow below).

Shop: Top 100 most checked out products
While the iPaper interface only displays a top 100, the Excel sheet will grant you insight into the full list of checked out products.

Armed with all the data, you can consider how the Flipbook's performing, what product's doing well, are your links being clicked?

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