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How can I download a detailed report for a Flipbook?
How can I download a detailed report for a Flipbook?

Make sure you have all the data you need!

Updated over a week ago

With the detailed report, you can get a full overview of your Flipbooks statistics. It's downloaded as an Excel file, with all the data available in the Excel worksheet tabs. Doing so is easy:

  1. From the Flipbook tree view, click on the Flipbook you want the report for.

  2. Select the Statistics tab.

  3. Choose a date range for your report.

  4. Click Download Statistics as Excel.

That's it! Your report will automatically download to your default downloads folder.

💡 You can see the statistics for links, shop, pages etc., by browsing between the tabs at the bottom of your Excel spreadsheet report.

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While the iPaper Statistics interface only displays a top 100, the Excel sheet will grant you insight into the full list of checked out products.

Did you know you can also get a summary of your Flipbook performance every month, directly in your inbox? Learn how to receive an Monthly Email Report, below:

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