Spend ages creating awesome enrichments for your flipbook and want to apply them to another? No problem!

Why would you want to? Maybe you created your enrichments for a Flipbook in one language, but want the same for one in another langauge.

How to Export/Import Links:

You can export links from a specific flipbook to an external location (e.g. your desktop) and then import these links to another flipbook.

How to export links:

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Navigate to 'Flipbooks
  2. Right click the Flipbook you want to export from
  3. Select 'Edit pages'

From here it's simply clicking 'Export enrichments':

This will download an .XML file to your desktop. It's not just for safe keeping, but that same file, you can import the exact same way you export.

NOTE: 'Clear enrichments' will clear enrichments on all pages. To clear enrichments on a specific page, go to the Enrichment editor. 

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