Export / Import Enrichments

Move enrichments from one Flipbook to another!

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Spend ages creating awesome enrichments for your flipbook and want to apply them to another? No problem!

Why would you want to? Maybe you created your enrichments for a Flipbook in one language, but want the same for one in another language.

How to Export/Import Links:

You can export links from a specific flipbook to an external location (e.g. your desktop) and then import these links to another flipbook.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Navigate to 'Flipbooks

  2. Right click the Flipbook you want to export from

  3. Select 'Edit pages'

From here it's simply clicking 'Export enrichments':

This will download an .XML file to your desktop. It's not just for safe keeping, but that same file, you can import the exact same way you export.

NOTE: 'Clear enrichments' will clear enrichments on all pages. To clear enrichments on a specific page, go to the Enrichment editor. 

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