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Setting up your tracking in Adobe Analytics

A detailed How-To Guide to help you set up Adobe Analytics tracking with your iPaper Flipbooks.

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If you use Adobe Analytics to track user behavior on your website, you might also want to gain similar insights into your iPaper Flipbooks.

The Adobe Analytics integration is only available on the Enterprise+ plan.

This guide assumes you use Adobe Analytics to track data from other endpoints within your business, such as your website, or web shop. This guide also assumes that you are familiar with the terminology used in Adobe Analytics.

📖 This guide explains:

Configuring your Adobe Analytics to capture your metrics

In order to get the most out of what Adobe Analytics can do, you’ll want to set up your tracking in the Adobe Analytics interface to capture the right events, via Satellite Object References. Please see our documentation on what events iPaper captures, here:

Adding your Adobe Analytics Launch Embed Code to iPaper

  1. In Adobe Analytics, copy the launch embed code for the environment you wish to integrate with iPaper.

  2. Once you have your launch embed code, you’ll want to open your iPaper admin, and navigate to the Flipbook tree view.

  3. Right click anywhere on the account root level and select Edit default settings from the pop-up menu.

  4. Select the Integration pane on the right-hand side of the Default settings screen, and then Adobe Analytics from the available integration options.

  5. Paste your Adobe Analytics Launch embed code in the gray field.

  6. Remember to Save your changes.

That’s it, you’re done! Once added, iPaper will fire these “window._satellite.track” events.

Additional considerations when implementing your Launch Embed code

When configuring your iPaper account, you can leverage the power of setting inheritance to specify your embed code once for your entire account. Depending of course on your use-case, we therefore recommend you set up your tracking in your account default settings.

You can also add it on a single Flipbook, or all Flipbooks under a folder.

💡 If you only have a single Launch Code, the easiest way to apply it to your account is to specify the Launch Code at the root level of your account. This will apply it to all the Flipbooks on your iPaper account.

Of course, if you're unsure of anything, or have any questions about integrating Adobe Analytics with iPaper, reach out to us using the chat bubble in the corner. ✌️

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