Product maximum quantity

Avoid skewed statistics by limiting the quantity of products that can be added.

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What is Product maximum quantity?

It is a simple numeric setting, allowing you to define a limit for the maximum quantity of a single product that can be added to the basket.

Why define a Product maximum quantity?

It can help you avoid skewed statistics from abnormal quantities mistakenly added to cart.

What should I change it to?

We advise to only change it, if your customer's purchase patterns require it 🙂

  • Any new Shop configuration will default to 99

  • You can change this to any number that will suit your customers and their purchase patterns.

  • Leave the field empty to remove any limit.

How can you change the Product Maximum Quantity to suit your needs?

  • Go to your Shop configuration

  • Click Edit

  • Click Shop settings to enter Advanced shop settings

  • Change Product maximum quantity to a number that is suitable for your customers and their purchase patterns

See the GIF below for full visual instructions:

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