How can I use Tracking Pixels?

Place small pixels for extended tracking.

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What is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel is an HTML image tag, that 'fires' when a user visits your website, Flipbook, or opens an email. It's useful for tracking user behavior and conversions.

How to integrate tracking pixels with iPaper

  1. Select your Flipbook

  2. Select the Settings pane

  3. Select Integration

  4. Select Tracking pixels

  5. Paste in your Tracking pixel URL
    ⚠️ Add only the URL—not the entire script/code

  6. Click Save changes

And you're done!

💡 You can also add multiple tracking pixels into your Flipbook using this method. However, please be aware that each tracking pixel should be on its own, separate line.

How to integrate tracking pixels across folders or your account with Inherited Settings

Did you know you can apply the same tracking pixels to all of your Flipbooks using the Inherited Settings feature?

To add tracking pixels to all your Flipbooks at once. You do the same steps mentioned above, but now on your account.

  1. Right-click on your Account

  2. Select Account settings

  3. Select Flipbook default settings

  4. Select the Flipbook default settings button, to access the default settings for your account

    The process is then the same as for implementing a tracking pixel on a single Flipbook:

  5. Select Integration

  6. Select Tracking pixels

  7. Paste in your Tracking pixel URL

  8. Remember to Save changes.

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