The news ticker is a number of short messages (news headers or "ticks") rotating at the bottom of a Flipbook.

You should look at it as an extra way to make you customers take action! So your news ticker messages should have clear Calls To Action. 

The news ticker is ever-present, so for some things it can be a better CTA than an icon on a specific page.

The news ticker could look like this: 

Each news tick (message) can either:

  • Link to a website (External Link.)

  • Open a website in a Pop-up frame.

  • Link to page in the Flipbook (internal).

  • Start a new email.

  • Invoke a form (Lead generation, questionnaire and much more.)

How to create a News Ticker:

Setting up the news ticker requires two steps. 1) Creating a News Ticker 2) Adding it to a Flipbook or Folder.

Let's start with creating one!

You then start the process of creating your first news ticker:

  1. I click the "Create News ticker."

  2. Give it a name (internal use.)

  3. Select: Custom (RSS can be used to show your newest blog posts etc.)

  4. Click "Create entry."

  5. Give the entry a name (visible to customers.) 

  6. Select a form action, I use form I've made beforehand.

  7. Presto, I've made my first news ticker, with one entry (message).

Pro tips: 

  1. The naming of the News Ticker entries are visible to your customers. So consider your language. You want to people to click, but let's not go full clickbait!

  2. The entries will be present throughout the Flipbook, so make sure it's not page specific, but something that's relevant to have throughout your Flipbook, like a news letter link, a link to your website, etc, etc,

How to enable a news ticker on a Flipbook or Folder:

Step 2! You've now create a great News Ticker, let's add it to a Flipbook:

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