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Effective way to rotate CTA options at the bottom of the page!

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What is a News ticker?

The News ticker is a number of short messages (News headers or “ticks”) rotating at the bottom of a Flipbook.

You should look at it as an extra way to make your customers take action! So, your News ticker messages should have clear Calls To Action (CTA). 

The news ticker is ever-present, so for some things it can be a better CTA than an icon on a specific page.

The news ticker could look like this: 

Each News tick (message) can either:

  • Link to a website (External Link.)

  • Open a website in a Pop-up frame.

  • Link to page in the Flipbook (internal).

  • Compose, or open, a new email.

  • Invoke a form (Lead generation, questionnaire and much more.)

How to create a News ticker:

  1. Click on Flipbooks from the left-hand vertical menu, then select Modules from the sub-menu.

  2. From the subsequent Modules menu, select News ticker.

  3. Here you'll see an overview of all of your news tickers you have already created. If this is your first news ticker, this list will be empty, but you'll soon fill it up.😉

You then start the process of creating your first news ticker:

  1. Click Create to start creating your news ticker.

  2. Give it a name (this is only for your, internal use).

  3. Click Create entry.

  4. Give the entry a name (this will be visible to customers.) 

  5. Select a form action (this will inform the function of the news ticker).

    1. Depending on the action, you will need to enter subsequent information such as an email address, URL, or other, to ensure that your news ticker works correctly.

  6. Click Save, after which you'll return to the Create news ticker pane. Presto, you've made your first news ticker.

🏆 A couple of pro tips:

  1. The naming of the News ticker entries are visible to your customers. So consider your language. You want to people to click, but let's not go full clickbait!

  2. The entries will be present throughout the Flipbook, so make sure it's not page specific, but something that's relevant to have throughout your Flipbook, like a newsletter link, a link to your website, etc.

How to enable a news ticker on a Flipbook or Folder:

No stopping now! You've now created a great News ticker, so let's add it to a Flipbook.

Start by selecting Flipbooks in the side menu, to bring up a list of all the Flipbooks in your iPaper.

  1. Select the Flipbook to which you want to add your News ticker.

  2. Click on the Settings for your Flipbook.

  3. Select the Modules pane.

  4. Select the News ticker from the left-hand menu.

  5. Next, toggle News ticker to 'On'.

  6. From the Select news ticker pop-up menu, select the news ticker you wish to use.

  7. Always remember to save your changes with the Save changes button in the lower, right-hand corner.

That's it! Your News ticker will now be visible to all visitors on your selected Flipbook or folder. Using the same process as above, you can remove, or replace your active News tickers from your Flipbooks, as required.

News ticker functionality when 'Build a Flipbook' is enabled

As visitors can choose exactly which pages to include in their personal, buildable Flipbook, this can result in broken links within the News ticker. For example, a link within the News ticker could point to page 4 of the 'parent' Flipbook, which a visitor can omit from their buildable Flipbook.

In order to avoid broken links, and ensure a smooth user experience, any News tickers you have active on your Flipbook will not be displayed in custom-built Flipbooks.

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