*** Some elements are only available if included in your plan ***

1. Your iPaper Dashboard

The Dashboard is what you see when you first log in. Here you'll find an overview of statistics for all content within your account, for the chosen period.

2. Flipbooks

The Flipbooks section provides you an overview of all flipbook content within your account. From here you can add, change and delete flipbooks.

3. Modules

Modules is where you can access and change the modules available with your plan.

4. Media

Media is where you upload and store the files you wish to use with your iPaper content.

Search for flipbooks and folders.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of flipbooks, it can be easier to find the one you are looking for by searching for its name :)

6. Have questions or need a helping hand?

Here you can see if support is online, and choose to call, chat or email us :)

Access iPaper's library of Help Articles (like the one you are reading now) from within the platform. Find inspiration, best practices, and the answers to the most common questions.

7. Notifications

Here you will find notifications when we have something we would like to share with you :) This covers both Release Notes (oooh, shiny!) and our informative blog posts about customer cases, online marketing, catalogs, and how to improve them.

8. Processing status

Click this to check the status of any flipbook processings on your account.

9. Account details

Access account-related features

Users: Create and edit user access to your account

Integrations: Set up integrations

Legal Compliance: GDPR info and download of Data Processor Agreement

Settings: Change settings related to your login: user email, password, monthly recap email and API keys.

Log out: That's enough iPaper for today! (We're gonna miss you, so come back and see us soon, okay?)

10. Chat with us

Click to start a conversation with Customer Care :)

We are right here, waiting to help you in any way we can (and serve you just the right GIF for the occasion)!

You can also search for help articles.

Now that you know where everything is go forth and create fantastic flipbook content.

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