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Display: Control the number of times your CTA is shown
Display: Control the number of times your CTA is shown

How much is too much?

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Have you ever been on a website and try to read, watch or click on something and suddenly, there's a pop-up that gets on the way? Have you also tried to close it and mistakenly click on it and get directed to another site? 😒

It totally kills the flow of what you were doing. And if it happens one too many times, you might look something like this:

In order not to potentially cause your customers a breakdown, let's keep it brief.

Not everybody might appreciate a CTA blocking their view or distracting them when in the middle of navigating a website and searching for a product or inspiration in a flipbook. "Look at me! Click me!" So, you might want to consider limiting the number of times it shows up while the user is navigating.

Just imagine how you feel when you're deep into your pre-purchase research or shopping experience, and how annoying it can be to get drawn away by a distraction. Nobody wants to have a negative effect on their potential leads.

To avoid it, you can find the Display in question, click on the cogwheel and select the times you will allow for the Display CTA to appear, just like in the video below.

Now, you can offer your leads extra content without over-doing it and providing a frictionless experience.

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And remember, many times, less is more!

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