With this integration you can send the content of the basket to your ERP of choice!

There are several types of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Some are SAP or Salesforce, but they can be any other platform that does now have standard

webshop checkout.

Receive basket content

Create middleware site to act as export URL.

iPaper exports the basket content in an XML format. This content has to be picked up by a middleware site that will parse the payload into something that can be received and read by the end point.

The stages between the flipbook and the completion of the checkout will depend on the checkout option.

Unlike the other checkout options, this requires more development from the customer side, but because of this, it enables you to decide exactly what to do with it!

In this integration, however, there is an extra step before we reach our end point (aka. the ERP). After the basket content is received and transformed by the middleware site, the customer will be directed to the Customer Registration, where they will have to fill out a form to be able to proceed with the order.

Both the middleware site and the registration site are developed by the customer. This is normally done by the customer's IT or web team. They can use the following flow to understand the set-up this integration requires - click the image to download as PDF:

For the technical documentation of the data we send, read more here:

There are more options than to just send the basket content to an ERP or webshop. If you want to read about them, click in the links down below:

When the development is done, you can go ahead and finish setting the shop up in the iPaper platform.

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