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The iPaper Enrichment Automation supports a wide range of ways to make your catalogs shoppable. We, therefore, have organized the data templates into two main sections, each include multiple options.

The sections are:

  • External/Pop-Up links (linking to your products online.)

  • iPaper Shop Links (using the iPaper, in-catalog, basket.)

Shop Links, Data Templates.

Who is the Enrichment Automation Data for?

The iPaper Enrichment Automation is compatible with most common product data formats such as: XML, CSV, JSON and Excel.

Up-to-date product data is in many cases readily available when your organization/company is product and commerce focused.
So, if you have access to exportable data from a product information system or perhaps can get a dynamic feed featuring your e-commerce products, then these Data templates are not for you.

But if perhaps your catalogs serve as your only source of product information or if you simply don't have access to properly formatted product data.

Then the above-mentioned data templates are for you.

They are meant to be used as a starting point, from which to build data for your new Enrichment Automation

Testing the Enrichment Automation

If you want to test how the automation works before you fill in your data, find here some dummy PDFs you can use. Both templates and PDF have prefilled data which will work out of the box.

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