Hi there, Display user

We've released a lot of cool stuff for Display during the last few months. And now we are good and ready to tell you about it. 🎉

You can now:

Add an iframe row to Display

Dynamic web content in your Displays! Much wow.

The possibilities are endless. It could be a countdown clock to your next big sale or anything you can imagine.

See it in action here:
(Adding in the source URL for a catalog page slider)

Style text in Display themes

You now have an even more fine-grained control of fonts in your Display theme because we've added styles: Bold, Italics, Underlined, Strike-through, as well as raised and lowered text.

See it here:

A new "Saved price" tag will now calculate the amount saved.

It is now easier than ever to show of your great offers.

Visual tags instead of {Price}, {sale_price} etc.

Instead of using words in curly brackets, you can now simply click the tag you need, so much easier 🎉

Tags in the Display Editor as well

The same thing goes in the display editor, you can simply click the tags you need.

Contextual price size, based on column size

The price will now change size according to the allotted column size.

Keep your product title

You've always been able to edit your product title, but you now get to keep the original so you won't have to start over.


We have fixed a few challenges to allow for smoother sailing when designing your displays, among others:

  • The color picker in the Display editor would sometimes lose your color settings, before you could save.
  • When you set an explicit margin setting on product tiles, your choices would sometimes be misremembered when adding more products.

If you have any questions, reach out to us. 🙌

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