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Setting up Display tracking

Get tracking!

Updated over a week ago

Due to Google's changes to how cross-domain tracking works, Branded Domain is now a requirement for any reliable data.

You connected the feed, added products, created an awesome Display and went live. So is it working? Let's track the Display performance!

This is best done through Google Analytics where you already keep your eCommerce KPIs, goals etc.

Setting up a branded domain to get around cross domain tracking

Instead of having the Display as an external source as referrers, adding it as a
branded domain ensures the most accurate results. 

This is a quick and easy task, that is usually managed by your web administrator.

To set up a Branded Domain:

Please note:
It has to be the same parent domain as your webshop for attribution to work.

If you have webshops on multiple domains, you will need a CNAME record for each of the domains.

Add Google Tracking ID to iPaper

From your Google Analytics, navigate to Admin and then from Properties select Tracking Info:

From there, go to Tracking Code. Here you have the Tracking ID, that you need to paste inside of iPaper:

Time to add it to iPaper!

Navigate to your Displays settings:

From here, all you've got to do is to paste your tracking ID:

Now you've connected everything, and you're ready to start tracking!

Next step is building an Audience.

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