Adding your product feed

At the base of Display is your products!

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Connecting your feed with Display not only allows you to add products, but to make sure they stay up to date with pricing, image and more!

What kind of feed is supported?

Display needs a Google Merchant Feed 

Product data attributes must conform to Google standards

In order to import your product, the feed must contain the following:
- Unique product ID (id)
- Product name (title)
- Direct link to product page (link)
- Direct link to product image including https:// (image_link)
- Price (price)

In addition to the required fields, we also support these properties:
- Sale price (sale_price)
- When the Sale price is in effect (sale_price_effective_date)
- Additional product images (additional_image_link)

Adding your feed

Connecting your Feed with iPaper is very simple. Simply navigate to Feeds by clicking the Display icon in your right navigation bar, and select Feeds:

From here you can click to Add feed. From there, you will be prompted with a few fields to fill:

  1. The name here is simply for you to manage. Perhaps you have feeds for different countries on the same account? In any case, name them in a way that it's easy to recognize.

  2. Paste the URL to your feed

  3. When connecting a feed, we download a version of it. So we continuously download it either Nightly or Hourly to make sure we have an updated version

  4. Choose the feed type: XML or CSV (if you choose the latter, remember to include the delimiter you use in your set-up)

  5. Need to override the encoding to make sure it's displayed correctly? Select that here.

  6. Across the pond numbers are formatted differently, so make sure we're using the right Price Format. 

And that's it your feed is connected and ready to use with Display. A quick note on Feeds as mentioned in the above text is, we download the feed to use for quick look-up for products. This greatly saves you time, rather than us going looking in the URL every time. This of course also means, if you added products since it was last downloaded they wont be there.

So if you find a product missing, we might just not have the latest version of your feed. Which is why you can force it to update using the Process feed button:

Remember whatever feed is set as default will be used when creating a new Display. You can however manually change that from the Display Editor. 

That's it, now it's time to populate your Display with products directly from your feed, but before you do that, let's set up a theme - so head on over to that!

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