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It is optimal if every person using iPaper has their own login / uses their own email.

1. iPaper can immediately identify who the person reaching out is, and which account they are connected to.
2. When you reach out via chat outside support open hours, we send an email to the logged in account.
3. When processings fail, iPaper sends an email with error information, which can aid you in resolving the challenge yourself without having to wait for support.
4. Additionally, if content is deleted / changed without consent it will be difficult to determine who did it, if you are sharing logins.

5. Employees who are no longer with the company, may continue to have access to iPaper through a shared account.

6. Sharing logins with teammates can constitute massive security risk, with the potential of untraceable malicious actions (deletion of content) taking place.

How to create a User:

From the Users menu, you are able to create and edit users within your iPaper account.

For this step, you will need to be an account Administrator.

1. Go to the tab Users from the top menu

2. Click the Plus icon to add a user

3. Fill in an email address to be used for login

4. Choose the number formatting 

5. Define the level of access the user will have in iPaper

Statistics - Read-only user account. Can view statistics, but cannot make changes.

User - A standard user account: Able to create and edit Flipbooks.
Administrator - User can create and edit users, as well as create and edit Flipbooks.

6. Press Create

7. When your new user is created, an email containing password reset instructions is sent to the registered email immediately.

Important Note: 

You can reset a user's password by clicking the mail icon relative to their account.
This will send password reset instructions to the registered email.

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