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Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) on your iPaper account
Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) on your iPaper account

Increase account security and usability for employees by integrating your SSO solution with iPaper.

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If your organization is already using a Single Sign-On (SSO) service in order to control access to different areas of your business online, you can integrate your SSO solution with iPaper.

Single Sign-On integration is available on all Enterprise+ accounts.

Integrating your SSO solution gives you a greater degree of control over who has access to your iPaper account, and greater ease of usability for your organization’s members. Best of all, setting up SSO with iPaper is easy – let’s get started!

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How does SSO work?

SSO, is a convenient and user-friendly way of accessing multiple online services, websites, or applications with just one set of login credentials. SSO works by using a central authentication system, which verifies your identity when you log in.

Once you're authenticated, the system grants you access to all connected platforms without asking for your credentials again. This makes it simpler and more efficient to use multiple online services, improving your overall online experience.

How to set up your SSO solution with iPaper

In this guide, we assume that you have already set up an SSO solution for your organization, and are familiar with the requirements for implementing it on a new service.

⚠️ Please note that SSO settings are only available to Account Administrators. If you do not have Administrator access, please contact your Account Administrator.

💡 You'll need to provide the following IdP Entity ID and a Reply URL to your SSO provider during the setup process:

IdP Entity ID: iPaperSSO

NB: If your iPaper account resides on a Partner area, you'll need to provide the following URL as your Reply URL:

⚠️ Remember to change the 'PARTNERNAME' subdomain to the appropriate subdomain of your partner.

  1. In iPaper admin, open the Account details menu by clicking on the menu icon in the uppermost, right-hand corner.

  2. Select Account settings from the drop-down menu.

  3. From the Account settings page, select Single Sign-On settings from the vertical menu on the left. Here, you will see a number of fields that require an input in order to set up your SSO with iPaper.

  4. First, toggle on Single Sign-On using the toggle button.

  5. Next, you’ll need to enter your Identity Provider URL in the appropriate field. You can retrieve this from your SSO provider.

  6. You’ll also need to paste in your Public Certificate in the next field. This looks like a long string of letters and numbers. This is generated by your SSO provider.

    Here’s an example of how a Public Certificate can look:

  7. Don't forget to save your changes!

Things to consider when setting up SSO with iPaper

When you’ve set SSO up on your iPaper account, users logging in to your organization will automatically be redirected to your SSO service’s login page, when they enter their email address into iPaper admin. Via your SSO service, you’ll be able to control which users have access to your iPaper account.

However, please note that our SSO integration does not support Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). This means that, in addition to creating a user within your SSO service, you will still need to create a new user with the matching login credentials (email address) separately, in iPaper.

Should you have any questions about how to implement an SSO service for your iPaper account, or anything else, our Customer Care team is here to help: simply send us a message using the messenger bubble in the corner. ✌️

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