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Hi Display user!

We've just released some cool new stuff for Display 🎉

We are thrilled to announce:

A native Google Analytics integration with built-in events

Why did we make this change:

Your Google Analytics tracking will improve in every possible way.

Before you had to:

  1. Paste in the entire Google Analytics script tag (gtag.js) into a scripting field on each Display.

  2. You had to remember to implement tracking on every single new Display you created because the script existed on each Display individually.

  3. If you wanted to segment your users, you would have to include a Load event in your Global Site Tag script code.

Migration of all current Google Analytics scripts

We have now migrated every instance of Google Analytics over to the integrated version. The Load event is now a built-in Non-interaction event.

See it here:​

New Events and segmentation options

For the advanced segmentation of your display users, we have added a long list of other events. These will allow you to see the exact parts of your Displays that drive conversions.

Chief among the new Display events are:

  • Product clicks

  • Button clicks

  • Image clicks.

See the complete list of the new Display events here:

See the updated article on Google Analytics here:

The custom scripting field has moved to a global setting that will affect all Displays.

As mentioned above, before, every one of your Displays had a custom script option. The script fields served as a way to add Google Analytics or any other tracking script such as Facebook or Google Tag Manager.

We have now moved the option so that you can add any tracking capabilities you can think of to all your displays in one location.

See it here:​

If you have any questions, reach out to us. 🙌

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