Let your customers browse and buy from your inspiring catalog directly on your webshop :)

Clicks on Shop links in catalog will add products directly to an existing webshop's basket. Webshop then handles customer checkout.

See an example here: https://shop.ipaper.io/  (scroll down)

Steps to achieve this:

  1. A flipbook is embedded on a page of a webshop.
  2. Flipbook contains Shop links with a unique ProductID (SKU).
  3. Webshop has implemented a Javascript integration that listens for events from flipbook.
  4. When a Shop link is clicked in the flipbook, an event is triggered.
  5. Webshop catches the event and performs any desired action (add to basket / open modal with variants / cross-sell)


  • Working webshop
  • Flipbook populated with Shop links containing Product IDs that exist in webshop
  • If webshop is HTTPS, embedded flipbook must also be loaded via HTTPS.

See our full documentation here:

Embed flipbook

Javascript integration

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