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How can I update my browser?
How can I update my browser?

Always use the latest browser version for the best possible Internet experience 🙏

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Are you unable to visit iPaper catalogs with your current browser?

This is most likely because the browser you are visiting from is too old and needs to be updated.

Why should I update my browser?

For iPaper to create the best possible catalog experience, using the latest technology, we sometimes need to make the hard choice to cease support of browser versions. We do this when they become too old and no longer live up to modern standards of code and security.

Additionally, navigating the Internet from an out-of-date web browser could put your system at risk. Bad actors will use vulnerabilities in web browsers to target users with malware such as ransomware, privacy exploits, and other attacks.

How to update your browser

Click below for information about your current browser and version.

Click below for instructions on updating your browser to a newer version.

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