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What price from the feed is shown?

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Any given product has a base price, maybe a sales price - and maybe even a sales price date range, so how do you control which is shown?

Having the right product price is of course critical in your Display. That's why we make sure to pull the right one from your feed. If you haven't already added your feed, you can read about that here:

Prices in feed:

There is essentially 4 different scenarios:

  1. Product has a sales price, and a date range (and is within that range).

  2. Product has a sales price, and a date range (and is outside of that range).

  3. Product has a sales price, but no date range.

  4. Product does not have a sales price

So let's go and go through the scenarios!


The product has a sales price, and there's a date range. If it is within that date range, we show the Sales price as the price, and use the original price below.


In this case, it's outside of the date range. So we show the original price and clear the bottom price, as there's no comparison to show. As soon as it is within the date range, this will update to reflect the sales price and work as scenario 1.


If your product has a sales price, but no effective date range, we'll show it the same way as Scenario 1: Sales price as shown in blue, and have the original price below. 


If your product does not have a sales price, we'll simply show its base price and no Original price below. 

Just like all the other information about the products, it's synced with your product feed. So if your sales price for example isn't being show, it's most likely out of the date range set in the feed.

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