Here's a list of keyboard shortcuts that can increase your productivity when working in the iPaper platform.


  • Alt + S
    Moves your cursor to the Search field, enabling you to search for any Flipbook within your account
    (does not work on Mac)

  • CTRL + Click on a Flipbook in the iPaper tree
    Opens that Flipbook in a new tab, allowing you to keep your Flipbook structure open in another tab

  • ESC
    Close modal or dismiss various alert windows

Enrichment Editor

These work when entering the Enrichment Editor:


  • CTRL + S
    Save your work

  • CTRL + Click
    Select multiple enrichments

  • CTRL + C
    Copy selected enrichment(s)

  • CTRL + V
    Paste copied enrichment(s)

  • Directional Keys (Arrow keys)
    Move selected enrichment(s) 1 pixel

  • SHIFT + Directional Keys (Arrow keys)
    Move selected enrichment(s) 10 pixels

  • DEL or Backspace (Fn + Backspace on some keyboards)
    Remove selected enrichment(s)

  • SPACE (hold it down)
    Drag the viewport

  • ESC
    Dismiss various alert windows

  • NUM Plus (+)
    Zoom in

  • NUM Subtract (-)
    Zoom out

  • 0 or NUM 0
    Zoom to "fit" (fit to screen)

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