We have all been there. We have applied an Enrichment Automation, created awesome manual enrichments, and then, Oh-oh! You notice a mistake coming from your data file.

By now you have run your automation again, and… all your manual enrichments are gone.

We feel you! But worry not, there is a workaround to make sure the automated and manual enrichments become friends again.

Plan ahead

Planning is the key to make this work. If you know beforehand that this flipbook will demand manual enrichments, and you have an automation to run, then this workflow is for you 😄

1. Duplicate your flipbook

Start by duplicating your flipbook. Right click → Copy

You will have one version for Enrichment Automation and a second version of manual enrichments.

2. Create all your manual enrichments on your secondary flipbook.

This flipbook will only contain your manual enrichments.

Export and Import Enrichments

So, what now, you ask? It’s exporting time!

  • Navigate to your Manually Enriched flipbook → More Options → Edit Pages → Export Enrichments

    This will download an XML file which contains information about all enrichments in this flipbook.

  • Navigate to your original flipbook → More Options → Edit Pages → Import Enrichments

    A new window will appear:

  1. File: Here you will choose the XML you have previously downloaded

  2. Delete existing enrichments: If you have already applied an Enrichment Automation, make sure to leave this unchecked.

  3. Click import enrichments

Success! Your enrichments will be now imported into your flipbook on the same page and position on page as the flipbook you exported from.

The result is a combination of both Automated and Manual enrichments.

And any time you need to update your flipbook with Enrichment Automation, you simply repeat the Import/Export steps afterwards.

If you want full control of where your CTAs are being placed after an Enrichment Automation, try creating hidden layers in InDesign. Read more in this article:

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