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We've just released a significant change to our Cookie consent banner 🍪

Why did we change this function?

Based on initiatives from the EU to uniformly regulate the use and collection of user data, in the form of the GDPR and the coming ePrivacy Regulation, iPaper now offers a way to transfer the choice of cookies to visitors.

How did we change this function?

Before this change, the Cookies consent banner simply informed catalog visitors about the use of cookies.

As the visitor read this banner, cookies had already loaded.
The visitor provided Implicit consent by continuing to browse the catalog.
This approach is no longer deemed compliant by some countries cookie laws.

See the old version here:

The new cookie policy banner only loads the consent setting cookie until the visitor has provided explicit consent to other cookies.

All Cookies are divided into four toggle-able categories:

  • Strictly necessary.

  • Performance.

  • Functional.

  • Marketing.

See the new version here:

The cookie policy comes with four template options:

  1. No cookie bannerAll cookies allowed and loaded, with no cookie banner shown.

  2. Default decline, or settingsMakes the default "Decline all," enabling the user to accept certain cookies optionally.

  3. Default accept, or settingsMakes the default "Accept all, "enabling the user to decline certain cookies optionally.

  4. Default accept or declineMakes it easy to "Accept all" or "Decline all" cookies. Without the option to specify specific cookie category consent.

Please consult your legal team and choose the appropriate strategy for your geographical area(s) of operation.

How does it affect other cookies (Integrations)?

The new cookie policy banner categorizes all of the current tracking integrations as marketing cookies. Consequently, none of the following functionality will be available (loaded) until the visitor accepts marketing cookies.

The current Flipbook marketing integrations are:

  • AdForm

  • Facebook

  • Google Adwords

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Tag Manager

  • HubSpot

  • IgnitionOne

  • Sleeknote

  • Tracking pixels

Which setting is the default when:

My account was already using an iPaper Cookie Consent Banner?

If you were using the Cookie consent banner before this change, we have migrated your banner and pre-selected the following template setting:

  • Default accept, or settings.

The main "call to action" will read "Accept all" while enabling the user to decline certain cookies optionally, in settings.

Which setting is the default when:

My account was not already using Cookie Consent Banner?

  • No cookie banner - All cookies allowed and loaded, with no cookie banner shown.

Please see our help article for more information about the new cookie policy.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us 🙌

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