Using the Shop Integration checkout options, you customer can checkout via your own landing page, web-shop or basically any way you want them to!

If you haven't already Set up Shop, go through that first:

Adding a Shop Integration checkout

So now that you've setup the basics of your Shop Configuration, it's time to add Shop Integration, simply click Create new Shop configuration:

From here, there's 3 fields to take into account:

  1. This is where you want us to send the data to

  2. Here you decide the behavior - should it open in the same window or a new one?

  3. What should the Checkout button inside the Flipbook say? You decide!

Unlike the other checkout options, this is not quite plug n' play. The reason behind this is, that we simply send the contents of the basket to a data endpoint of yours. What happens from there is up to you.

While this might seem a task, it enables you to decide exactly what to do with it! 

Does your webshop require visitors to login?
Check out a possible solution below - click the image to download as PDF:

For the technical documentation of the data we send, read more here:

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