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Integrate your iPaper Pop-Ups with other marketing apps using Zapier
Integrate your iPaper Pop-Ups with other marketing apps using Zapier

Here is how to pass your lead conversions to your email marketing system directly from your iPaper pop-ups.

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But wait, What is Zapier? You may ask!

"Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time."

Zapier is, in short, a code-less data automation service. 

Using it, you can send your leads directly to hundreds of Apps and other services, such as MailChimp, your CRM, or maybe just a Google Sheet.

This article is here to show you how to connect your iPaper Pop-ups to the world.

Step one - Sign up

All this requires a Zapier Account. So if you haven't already done so, please sign up now:

Step two - Make a Zap

Once you are signed up and logged in, click the make a Zap button.

Step three - Choose a Trigger

To make a Zap you will have to connect two apps and the first app includes the trigger event.

The Trigger is the event that makes Zapier automate an Action in another App.

In this case, the trigger app is iPaper. 

Currently, the iPaper Zapier App is available by invite only. But you can click right here to get it now. :D

Once you have iPaper Zapier App in your arsenal -> search for it.

Currently, the only available trigger in the iPaper app is "New Pop-up Form Submission", but more will follow.

Click + Continue.

Step four - Connect your iPaper account to Zapier

Click Connect.

The connection is made via an iPaper API key.

To find your iPaper API key, go to "Account details" > "Settings" in the iPaper administration.

Click "Create A key"

Label it, (optional) and copy your API key.

Paste your API key to Zapier. Click: "Yes, Continue." 

Now, click "Test", and then "Save + Continue".

Step five - Set up your iPaper Pop-Up Form Submission in Zapier

It is now time to choose the iPaper Pop-up you want to connect with Zapier. I have two Pop-ups on my account.

In the following GIF, I am selecting a Pop-up called: "Enable Contact"

Now we will have to:

  •  Make sure you have at least one recent pop-up form submission created.

  •  Make sure it matches the trigger options you picked below:

So I'll perform a test conversion on the Pop-up.

Step six- Pull Sample Data

Click "Fetch and Continue":


Step seven- Choose your Action App

My App will be HubSpot.

My action will be to create a new HubSpot contact.

I connect the HubSpot Account, by logging in and granting Zapier access to it.

Step eight- Map the iPaper Pop-up data to the HubSpot contact field options.

Step nine- Send test data to HubSpot

Step ten - Give your new Zap a name and turn it on.

Final (optional) step - Look and see that your data has found its way to where you intended it to go

Should you have any questions about any of the large number of steps mentioned above. Then please do not hesitate in reaching out to us.

Thank you for making it!

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