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How to get started in developing a custom iPaper Shop to WhatsApp integration
How to get started in developing a custom iPaper Shop to WhatsApp integration

The initial steps involved when starting the process of sending XML data from the iPaper basket and parsing it pass it on to WhatsApp.

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The steps involved for a developer, making an iPaper Shop integration, would be.

1) Read the Shop integration documentation, thoroughly:

2) Make sure you have a test flipbook in your iPaper account have have links in place of the Shop link-action type.

FYI: Shop links will, in most cases, be created via an automated process called: Enrichment automation.

If you do not yet have links, you can create them manually.

To do so: Go to Open enrichments editor on your Flipbook.

3) Make sure the link fields contain test-data:

4) Make sure that the Integration setting is enabled inside the shop module settings on your test-flipbook.

5) Go to a Webhook test site:

There many options on Google.

And copy a new test webhook URL:

Then paste the test URL in the: Export URL field in the Shop integration settings on your test flipbook.

6) Make at test check-out from your test flipbook:

I have made a GIF where I do this test here and go to the webhook test site:

Image from the Webhook test site:

7) Format the result to see the data, that the developer will have to parse:

<shop paper="/YOUR/FLIPBOOK-URL/">
    <name><![CDATA[TEST ITEM - Force Wood Saw]]></name>
    <description><![CDATA[This saw is good for testing]]></description>

8) Make an XML parser in your code language of choice. 

9) In case of a WhatsApp integration:

Start using the Whatsapp Business API.

10) Start working on the custom middleware site that will receive the XML from iPaper and parse it an send the data and the user on to WhatsApp:

Like in this example URL: 

I hope these steps are useful. Should you have questions then please:

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