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Integrate your iPaper forms with other marketing applications (using Zapier)
Integrate your iPaper forms with other marketing applications (using Zapier)

Here is how to pass form data from iPaper through Zapier to the marketing tool of your choice.

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Automate your iPaper Forms with Zapier!

According to Neil Patel, in marketing, whatever can be automated should be.

As explained in the Forms article, other than Excel-file download and email, you are also able to send your form data to a URL via the POST to URL HTTP method.

This would have required the development (code) of a receiver URL on your server that will receive and process the form data.

Read more on that here:

However, It is also possible to automatically send your iPaper form data to other services using

But wait, What is Zapier? You might ask!

"Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time."

Zapier is, in short, a code-less data automation service. Using it, you can send your form responses directly to hundreds of Apps and other services, such as MailChimp, your CRM or maybe just a Google Sheet.

This article is here to show you how to connect your iPaper Forms to the world.

Step one - Sign up

All of this will require a Zapier Account so let's jump in and create one.

Go to and fill out this form.

Step two - Make a Zap

Once you are signed up and logged in, click the make a Zap button.

Step three - Choose a Trigger

Find or select a "Webhook" as your "Trigger App."

Step four - Select Webhooks

Select the "Catch hook" option, then Save + continue.

Step five - Connect webhook

Copy your new Zapier Webhook URL to your clipboard :D

Step six - Paste URL in your iPaper Form

The time has now come to go back to your iPaper account and find the form you want to connect to an external service.

You will find your forms under: Modules -> Forms.

But in the following GIF I access the form directly from the Flipbook I want to present it on:

I go into the Form I want to connect to Zapier, I enable the integration and paste the "custom webhook URL" from Zapier.

Step seven - Go to set up

Back in Zapier, I click continue.

Step eight - Set up Webhook

Go back to iPaper to show your Form on a specific Flipbook.

Here I am using the Gated Content option.

Go to your Flipbook and convert your form in the Flipbook to send test data to the Zapier Webhook.

Step nine - Receive the test data in Zapier and hook up your desired marketing tool.

In the following GIF, I am hooking up MailChimp.

In this GIF I have successfully received the data from my iPaper form. And the perform the following steps:

  1. Chose MailChimp as the App I want to send the data.

  2. Choose that my goal is to update/add a subscriber in MailChimp.

  3. Have already connected my MailChimp Account to Zapier, but I click the "Connect Account" button to show you how.

  4. Chose the MailChimp subscriber list in which I want to add the iPaper form data. (My list is called: "iPaper MailChimp list")

  5. Hook up the "Subscriber Email" field using Email from the test data:

  6. Click the refresh fields button at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Hook up the first and last name fields again using the test data: "test Zap" and "testersen."

  8. Click continue and see Test data.

  9. Click to send the data off to MailChimp.

  10. I turn on my new Zap, and... Done!

Here is the form data in the iPaper MailChimp list (I tested two times to makes sure it worked :D )

The posibilites with Zapier are simply almost endless. In this case with MailChimp I could have included, adress, phone number and birthday in my iPaper Form and passed on that info as well.

We look for to seeing your intergrations as well as to help you set it up!

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