With Attachments, you can attach files to your Flipbook. Any file type can be
attached. Maybe you need to give your visitors access to a pricing sheet, a manual or something that's not very inspiring in your Flipbook?

How to Create a Collection of Attachments:

Before you can attach files to your Flipbook, you have to upload the files to the Media Library. After uploading the files, follow the steps below.

Navigate to Attachments under Modules.

New click to create a new collection of files to attach.

Once named, you can start adding attachments. Once you've added the ones you need in your collection, it's time to add it to a Flipbook.

How to Enable Attachments on a Flipbook:

  1. Go to your Flipbook
  2. Select Settings
  3. Pick Modules
  4. Go to Attachments
  5. Enable Attatchments
  6. Select your Collection and remeber to Save.

That's it! Your visitors can now see them from your Flipbook:

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