Using the archive function gives your visitors an easy way to jump between related Flipbooks. 

How to create an Archive:

Simply navigate to Modules and pick Archive:

Creating one will promt you to name it. Once it's created, you can add Flipbooks or Folders to the Archive by clicking the edit button:

How to add items:

Creating a Folder here, is not the same as a Flipbook folder from your Flipbook dashboard. This is a folder, that only exists in your Archive Structure.

Add Flipbooks to the archive you wish to be accessible through the archive.

How to enable an archive:

Go to the settings for the Flipbook you wish to enable the archive for.

  1. Pick a Flipbook

  2. Go to settings

  3. Select Modules

  4. Pick Archive.

From here you can enable it with the slider, and pick the Archive you wish to add for the Flipbook.

The Archive is now accessible from the top bar from the Flipbook:

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