How to display your first page as a Spread / Single page flipbook

By default, your publication is displayed as a single front page, followed by spreads.

However, you can easily display the first page of your publication as a spread instead of a single page.

If your publication is dominated by large images, your publication could very well benefit from this. Here's an example of how that would look.

Or maybe you want the table of contents to be visible on all pages and wish to make use of the entire spread like for instance Assens Municipality?

Assens Municipality

Here, you will learn how to set up your publication to display the front page as a spread. It all starts in InDesign where you prepare your document for spread display.

The order of pages

Since your Flipbook is always displayed two pages at a time, you should start by changing the order of the pages in your InDesign document. Instead of beginning with the front page, the first and second page must be placed next to each other. The same goes for page number three and four and so on. This is what your document setup should look like:

InDesign setup

Designing the layout

Having prepared the setup, you are now ready to create your publication layout. Think of each spread as a single page. This means that images, headlines and text should all flow across the middle of the document. Don’t let the line in the middle confuse you; it won’t be visible when the document is turned into a Flipbook, it's just there to help you center the page elements.

When you are done designing the content, you'll need to export it as a PDF. The PDF must be exported as single pages even though the graphics and images cover both pages of the spread. The iPaper platform will connect the pages for you.

Create the Flipbook

Upload the PDF to the Media library. Create a Flipbook like you normally do – or watch the video on how you create a Flipbook.

When you are done creating the Flipbook, you have to set the pages to start with a spread.

  • Click the Flipbook
  • Go to Settings > General > Pages
  • Check Start with spread
  • Click Save

There you go! Now your Flipbook will display the first pages as a spread.

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