Embed a Flipbook on your Facebook page

You can connect your Flipbooks to your Facebook page making it easily accessible for all of your Facebook followers.

It's very important to realize that this is a 3rd party app for Facebook, and not an iPaper app - meaning that Facebook/ the developer is in charge of the iFrame and its compatibility with different devices. Currently, page tab apps are not supported on mobile devices by Facebook, therefore we recommend that you follow our guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you don't have the Custom Domain module, you can proceed to the guide below.

Because Facebook is presented via HTTPS, all embedded material must also be presented via a secure connection (HTTPS). 

If you have the Custom Domain module, you will need to either:

  • Connect an SSL certificate to your Custom Domain URL (contact iPaper to purchase HTTPS module)
  • Disable Custom Domain on the specific Flipbook for this to work. After the Custom Domain has been disabled and saved, you'll need to refresh the page. 

The URL won't be visible on the Facebook iFrame so that it won't be much of an issue here. You can, however, log into the iPaper platform and copy your Flipbook and then disable the Custom Domain in the one you want on Facebook. The new iPaper URL will now be http://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/yourcompany/youripaper

Now you can follow the guide as shown below.

1. You need to download an app that will allow an iFrame to be viewed on a Facebook tab

Download the App here

2. Click on Add Static HTML to a Page

3. Select your page

4. Your Facebook page will now open

"Welcome" is your new tab (you can change the name later). 

Press Set up Tab

5. This window will now appear:

Insert this HTML code under index.html

<iframe style="width:100%; height:100%;" src="Insert-Your-iPaper-URL-Here" scrolling= "no" frameborder= "0"></iframe>

6. Insert the URL from your Flipbook in the link

7. How to get the URL: Select your Flipbook in the iPaper platform CMS and then Get URL

8. Change the URL by adding "s" to http and append "?HideStandardUI=true" to your URL to remove the top bar to create the best possible viewer experience.

9. Press Preview to see your catalog in the Facebook tab, and ultimately, when you are happy with the result press Save & Publish

You can also view it directly on Facebook.

10. To change the name of the tab press Actions and Edit name and image

Your Flipbook will now be shown directly on your Facebook Page

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