The Forms module allows you to create forms in your Flipbook to be filled out by the user.

The forms module is great for:

  • Consumer surveys
  • Online competitions and drawings
  • Newsletter sign-ups

All information entered in a form is stored in the iPaper system and can be exported to an Excel file.

How to create a Form:

  1. Go to the tab Modules
  2. Select Forms
  3. Press Create form
  4. Name the form
  5. Enter an email address if you want to receive an email with the form content each time the form is filled out and submitted
  6. Check Enabled integration to show the POST to URL integration option. Aforementioned integration will allow you to put in your endpoint URL to receive the standard WebForm values.

    Klik here to read our technical documentation on the form Integration.

    Using the POST to URL integration option, it will also be possible to send your Form data to  Zapier (a web-based service that allows end users to integrate web applications). Read more on that here: Link coming soon.

    You are now able to drag and drop the following items into your Form:

    • Single line of text: Textbox (max length 99 characters)
    • Multiple lines of text: Textbox (max length 999 characters)
    • Email: The email (CC) field is used when your users should be able to add an extra recipient for when the form is submitted
    • Checkbox: One checkbox - used to answer yes/no to a question
    • Checkbox list: Several checkboxes - when your users need to choose multiple values from a number of options
    • Multiple choice: The Multiple Choice list is used when you need your users to choose a single value from a number of options
    • Dropdown list: When you need your users to choose a single value from a number of options.
    • Submit: Button to send in the form
  7. Press Save

How to Implement a Form in a Flipbook:

There are multiple ways to display a form.

a) Using the  Gated content module.

b) Via the  News ticker module

c) Using a form link in the Enrichments editor, read on to see that solution here: 

  1. Select your Flipbook
  2. Select Edit enrichments
  3. The Enrichments editor opens in a new window
  4. Go to the page where you want to insert a form
  5. Draw a link

  6. Select Form in the Link Action type drop-down menu
  7. Select which form you want to insert
    1. Select whether you want the form to open automatically when the reader turns to the page
    2. Or if you want the form to open when the reader clicks a link/button
      If you set the form to open automatically . Then you should turn on "Hide link."
    3. Finally, choose if filling out the form is required
  8. Press Save
  9. Press View if you want to see the changes

How to get information entered in the Form:

You can get data in an Excel spreadsheet of all submissions for a specific form.

How to download form data

  1. Select Modules > Forms in the iPaper menu on the left side
  2. Choose the form you want to download data from
  3. Press the 3 dot menu and select Download report

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