Branded Domain / Custom Domain

Branded Domain or Custom Domain makes it look like the publication is located on your own domain.

It requires that you have access to the DNS setup for your domain.

Alternatively, you can forward the task below to your Web Administrator, IT Department or Hosting Provider.

In order to complete your Branded Domain, you will need to have a CNAME Alias created for your existing domain.


This subdomain has to be created as a CNAME alias pointing to

Once this has been created, please inform iPaper at for the domain to be set up within our system.

It is possible to use one specific domain as the root of several publications. In this way, the domain will be inherited to all subfolders/publications. Please note that only one Flipbook/folder can be the root of a specific branded domain.

How to enable Branded Domain:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Modules
  3. Select Branded Domain
  4. Switch the ON/OFF switch to ON
  5. Enter the Branded Domain in the Domain box. (Leave out http://)
  6. Check the box Domain root if you wish to make this the root of the domain

  7. Press Save all

Tip: If you wish to create a domain root for a category or folder, simply click on it and select Settings. Then follow step 2 to 7.

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